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The Eleventh Masonic District of Ohio F&AM

The Object of this Association is to promote fraternal relations and harmony among Symbolic Lodges of the Eleventh District, and to coordinate joint activities for the Symbolic Lodges within.

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Grand Lodge of Ohio

Information regarding Freemasonry in Ohio, along with links to membership portals and Masonic education.

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Camp Masonry

Plans are underway for the Third Annual Camp Masonry,  to be held August 9th-12th 2018 in Toledo, OH

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 Replacing yourself by recommending a new member and encouraging other brothers to do the same will have a significant impact toward increasing membership not only for your lodge but for Ohio Freemasonry as well. 

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2019 Inspection Schedule

11th District Inspection Calendar 2019 (pdf)


2018-2019 District Officer Contacts

Current District Deputy Grand Masters

RWB Mark P. Allred Jr.


RWB Donald D. Decker


 WB Eric L. (Rick) Crow


Current District Education Officers

WB Jay L. Jimison


WB John M. Hoffman


WB David S. Kevorkian


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2017-2018 Elected and Appointed Officers

WB Jason B. Shamy,  District Association President

WB. Jonathan F Dinan, 1st Vice President

WB Raymond C. Slates, 2nd Vice President

WB Richard G. Fries, Secretary

WB Ryan Kelly, Treasurer

Bro. Jacob W. Squire, Chaplain

RWB Hayward Evans PDDGM, Trustee

RWB Mark Allred DDGM, Trustee

WB Nicholas Samson, Trustee

RWB Jeremy Sharninghouse PDDGM, Trustee

RWB Richard D. Scheider PDDGM, District Adviser