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The 11th District is proud to be the home of the following Grand Lodge Officers

RWB Steven M. Grindle Senior Grand Deacon

The 11th District is also proud to be the home of the following Past Grand Lodge Officers

MWB Robert C. Rill Jr Grand Master - 2016
MWB Charles R. Murphy Grand Master - 2008
MWB Thomas E. Reynolds Grand Master - 2001
MWB James E. Olmstead Grand Master - 1994
MWB George O. Braatz Grand Master - 1987
MWB Robert D. Sager Grand Master - 1974
MWB Donald E. Kretzinger Grand Master - 1967
MWB Charles H. Strayer Grand Master - 1960
MWB John L. Guss Grand Master - 1953
MWB James W. Morgan Grand Master - 1929
MWB Otto H. Hohly Grand Master - 1928
MWB Thomas B. Guitteau Grand Master - 1911
MWB Clifford G. Ballou Grand Master - 1904
MWB Barton Smith Grand Master - 1896
MWB Leander Burdick Grand Master - 1888-1889
MWB Reuben C. Lemmon Grand Master - 1879-1880
MWB Alexander H. Newcomb Grand Master - 1869-1871
MWB George O. Braatz Grand Secretary - 2000 - 2009
RWB Gary L. McElfresh Grand Chaplain - 2008, 2016
RWB Walter E. Ellenberger Grand Chaplain - 1994, 2000
RWB Robert G. Sickelbaugh Grand Tyler - 2016
RWB Edward L. Draper Grand Tyler - 2001
RWB John W. Worcester Jr Grand Tyler - 1994
RWB George J. Christopher Grand Tyler - 1987
11th Masonic District of Ohio of Free & Accepted Masons